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Rarely is it one thing in an organisation that can create so much opportunity or on the other hand so much risk to the success of the business. Effective communication is the key to effective leadership, high performing teams and satisfied customers who continue to come back and be your champions.

Poor communication within organisations often fosters an environment of low productivity, high staff turnover, and ultimately the loss of business. This can lead to teams infighting, frustration, distraction and all of this is ultimately costing your business money. Clear communication principles are the foundation of a great organisational culture and enduring, high-performing teams.

If we tried to tell you that a one day workshop can fix all the problems that poor communication creates, we’d be misleading you. However what this one day workshop will give you and your team is the foundation to create change. It will set in motion greater understanding, collaboration and higher standards of communication within your team.

In this workshop your team will:

  • Develop a set of standards to drive effective communications and better teamwork overall
  • Establish the keys to personal accountability to create change
  • Develop greater understanding of the differences that create opportunities or conflicts in the workplace
  • Understand the strategies to improve the team and individual’s ability to communicate
  • Know their personality style and how that relates to their key strengths and possible stretches together with personal preferences for communication and leadership
  • Know their colleague’s personality style and how to adjust personal communication styles for better workplaces, and relationships
  • Have a laugh and develop individually and as part of your team


Five Keys to Improving Workplace Communication:

1.  Standards


  • A set of communication standards that can be used in the workplace to drive improved performance
2.  Above the line / below the line thinking


  • Team members understanding that they are responsible for how others receive their information
  • Individuals take responsibility for their outcomes in the workplace
3.  Understanding differences


  • Team members learn how information is filtered, which creates different perspectives / opportunities
  • Individuals learn strategies to understand other’s perspective better
4.  Active listening


  • Knowing the importance of listening / identify when an individual isn’t listening
  • Skills to listen and communicate in a way that creates a “hearing” of the message


  • Personal DISC Profile with key understanding of how individuals fit into their profile
  • Understanding how individuals may utilise their key strengths to support the team, and utilise the team to support their stretches
  • Improve communications between team members by understanding how each profile prefers to be communicated with

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